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Scholten & Partners is a Dutch based consultancy for governments, organisations and enterprises with a double bottomline: creating both financial and social value.

Our expertise covers four main area’s: labour-market, diversity and radicalisation, performance measurement and social real-estate. We also provide training and support.


Labourmarket-expertise covers issues like social value procurement, social return, but also the actual execution of social businesses like ‘floating islands’: where handicapped people can find employement building these islands.


Our diversity-experts are concerned with radicalisation and polarisation in todays’ society. Focusgroups, strategic networks, key-persons-approach and trainings are our main services in this field.


Social real estate includes cost-efficient renting-solutions for schoolbuildings, sportsfacilities etc. But also consultancy on cooperation between different social partners, sharing the same building.


Performance measurement is our ‘classic’: we introduced Social Return on Investment and ValueGame methodologies, and are always looking for new ways to better present and communicate the value of non-profit activities. Apart from that, we focus on social marketresearch: a way to map a social problem, before you are going to plan or act.


Scholten&Partners Netherlands employs about 15 staff, and a varying number of freeelance workers.

Our main values: connect, share and value.


Contact us for further information at:


PO Box 59790

1040LG Amsterdam - the Netherlands

phone: +31 617430741


Starting January 1st 2017 we also have an Asian affiliate, in Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Contact: asia@scholtenpartners.nl 

teammembers: Gerald F. Narvadez (president), Chona Suner-Narvadez, Hazel B. Alfon, Karen L. Enriquez.

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